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Friday, November 9

8:00am MST

Chemistry Escape Classroom G 39-45Beth Kochevar • Sandy Smith NGSS Chemistry: Inquiry Labs to Support Core Ideas, Scientific Practices and Crosscutting Concepts J 49-53Ed Waterman Human Orrery G 31-37Mary Gregory Renew Our Schools nationwide energy competition G 38-44Katherine Croasdale Bring Science and Math Together Using......ZOMBIES?!?! J 31-39Jeff Lukens Enhance Science Learning through Literacy Strategies G 30-36Beverly DeVore-Wedding Fun Strategies for Formative Assessment Using Emojis, Hashtags, and Super Heroes in grades 3-8 Science! H 31-37Kathy Reeves Making Science Fun Again! J 41-47Cassie Whitecotton Navigate the Newly Revised Colorado Academic Standards for Science J 30-38Joanna Bruno Seeking a Solution for STEM? Come meet the Solution Seekers at Shepardson STEM Elementary H 40-46Scott Burns • Duane Waber • Becky Woodcox The Three Dimensions in the Classroom: Using Lab Experiences to Transform Instruction H 48-52Dr. Victor Sampson Thinking SPACE-ially! Satellite Imagery meets Problem-Based Learning for ALL! J 40-46Liz Henrikson • Heidi Ragsdale Using Bugs to Determine Local Water Quality K 35-39Jenny Daily Reciprocal Integrated Learning Ecosystems K 41-47Janelle Johnson The Thrills of Roller Coaster Design H 39-45David Beier Challenge and Engage all learners: personalized learning in a Physics classroom K 49-53Emilie Cross Circular Motion Activities and Experiments For Your Physics Classroom! H 30-38Cherie Bornhorst Are your students in the "mood" for science? G 47-53Judy Hicks

9:10am MST

Essential AP Chemistry Teaching Materials J 49-53Ed Waterman Are Earth's plates really moving? Explore Earth science data to explore and quantify plate motions G 31-37Shelley Olds Make Scale Drawings of the Solar System and Geologic Time K 49-53Michael Johnson The CU Boulder Museum's Fossils in the Classroom Project: The Hands-on Study of Fossils J 31-39James Hakala Improvisational Theater Exercises to Promote Students' Science Communication and Collaboration Skills G 38-44Megan Littrell STEM-ulating Activities on Human Ecology H 31-37Eugene Kutscher 3-D isn't just for printing! G 30-36Beverly DeVore-Wedding Navigate the Newly Revised Colorado Academic Standards for Science J 30-38Joanna Bruno Raising the Bar in an Alternative Setting G 47-53Nadene Klein The Effect of Creative Assessments on High School Students' Learning F 30-36Angela Cannava • Cassandra Weason Using Children's Literature to Inspire STEM Learning K-5 H 40-46Kim Stilwell Hands-On Anatomy Lab: Building Body Systems In Clay K 41-47David Mack Superhero, Villain and Monster Cells. Oh my! H 30-38Pam McWilliams Transplantation Science - A FREE Hands-on Workshop for Students J 41-47Anne Gaspers • Carol McCallister Get Students Talking! Resources and Strategies for Supporting Student Discussions H 39-45Stephanie Bank • Kathryn Fleegal • Arlene Friend MSU Denver Noyce U-STEM Panel K 35-39Nicole Cozzi Argument-Driven Inquiry in Grades 3-5 H 48-52Dr. Victor Sampson Little Shop of Physics Presents: A Warm Planet in a Cold Universe Activities for teaching about climate & climate change G 46-52/H 47-53Sheila Ferguson • Denny Hyerman • Heather Michalak What’s the Big Deal with Radon? J 48-52Chris Nichols Early Childhood Robotics J 40-46Lindsay Craig • Delfin Lozano The Drone Mission Board Game and Hands-on Activities for Engineering Education G 39-45John Ristvey • Randy Russell

10:20am MST

11:20am MST

12:00pm MST

12:15pm MST

Engaging Activities from ChemEd X K 49-53Deanna Cullen Destination Mars! J 40-46Therese Moran • Heidi Ragsdale Incorporating Action into Environmental Science H 30-38Katie Navin The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind H 39-45David Beier 3D Printing: Bringing Models to the STEM Classroom G 47-53Nadene Klein Amazing NGSS activities that will be phenomenal for your high school classroom G 30-36Damon Smerchek Argument-Driven Inquiry in the Middle School Classroom H 48-52Dr. Victor Sampson Canned Data?! Not in The STEM House! J 31-39Jeff Lukens Elementary Science Make and Take G 46-52/H 47-53Teresa Higgins Enhancing STEM though Spatial Understandings K 35-39Mary Jo Pollman Interactive Notebooking and Fold-it Templates for Grades 3-8 Science! H 31-37Kathy Reeves Professional Learning Communities for Linguistically Responsive Science G 31-37Chris Carson Science Alphabet Soup: STEM . . . PBL . . . 4 C's . . . 5 E's . . . 3 D's . . . Spell Success for Kids! H 40-46Scott Burns • Duane Waber • Becky Woodcox Science Experiment Ideas J 30-38Neva Nardone The Science of Science Fiction - Using Pop Culture to make Science Accessible G 38-44Josh Law • Taylor Plantt • Anthony Scott Peer Instruction in High School Biology Classrooms J 41-47Jennifer Parrish Integrated STEM for the Primary Years F 30-36Dorothy Shapland Show What You Know With Video J 49-53Sam Holloway • Eric Rasmussen STEM21: Equity in Teaching and Learning to Meet Global Challenges of Standards, Engagement and Transformation K 41-47Joy Barnes-Johnson • Janelle Johnson • John Ristvey What’s New from the Perimeter Institute? J 48-52Chris Nichols Tablet-Based Earth Science Data Visualizations in the Classroom G 39-45Eric Hackathorn • Hilary Peddicord

1:10pm MST

1:55pm MST

Using Games to Energize your Chemistry Classroom H 40-46Beth Kochevar • Sandy Smith Inclusive STEM Professional Development with Pre and Inservice Teachers: A Flood of Ideas K 41-47Janelle Johnson Modeling Changes on the Earth's Surface H 30-38Deborah Linscomb Rocks and Minerals in Our Food G 31-37Richard Beach • Alan Cram Empowering Climate Understanding and Action G 38-44Jennifer Taylor National Geographic's Geo-Inquiry Process in Action G 39-45Chris Hines 3-Dimensional Learning in Science Education J 30-38Joanna Bruno 30 Demos in 50 Minutes G 46-52/H 47-53Stephanie Fanselow • Rob Reinsvold Argument-Driven Inquiry in the High School Classroom H 48-52Dr. Victor Sampson Elementary Engineering G 30-36Beverly DeVore-Wedding Engage Your Students Through International Collaboration K 49-53Heather Berry How to use local anchoring phenomena to drive lesson series H 39-45Stephanie Bank • Kathryn Fleegal • Arlene Friend Infect Your Science Classroom with Math J 31-39Jeff Lukens STEM on a Shoestring J 48-52Monnie Barrett • Kesha Carney • Collin Sasaki Using a "Solo" to Connect to the Real World G 47-53Nadene Klein Returning Native Plants and Pollinators to the Classroom K 35-39Jen Bousselot • Jack Carter • David Julie Can Your Students Handle the Truth? Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills to Combat Fake News J 49-53Phil Goerner • Eric Rasmussen Development of a Stem Classroom. From Genius Hour to, "What IF?". F 30-36Rob Funk Engineering Scientific Understanding H 31-37Jess Noffsinger Getting Down and Dirty with Physics J 41-47Cassie Whitecotton Quest Tower J 40-46Lindsay Craig • Delfin Lozano

3:05pm MST

4:00pm MST


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